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Published on September 2, 2023

6 Web Design Trends 2023 That Will Change the Way We Use the Internet


Ever wondered how the internet’s look and feel are influenced by web design trends? Well as we step into 2023, a whole new set of these trends are set to reshape the online world. 


For web designers, UI/UX wizards, and businesses seeking to captivate their digital audience, the trends that lie ahead are not just mere shifts in aesthetics – they are catalysts that will redefine the way we experience the online world. 


Therefore today, ZeeFrames, the leading UI UX design firm, will introduce you to the top 10 web design trends in 2023 that will change the way we use the internet.


Hold onto your creative hats, because a wealth of design inspiration awaits you!


Top 6 emerging web design trends 2023





A trend inspired by the brutalist architectural movement, uses raw materials, geometric shapes, and stark contrasts to create a sense of boldness, originality, and honesty. 


The strategic use of geometric shapes and raw materials adds depth to the UI and makes you stand out in the crowd. Moreover, the use of simple, straightforward design makes websites and apps look transparent and facilitates easy understanding. 


Since this technique makes the use of clear typography and whitespace, navigation becomes easy and you are clear about what to do. Animations also play their part in engaging your users providing an enjoyable experience. 



Learn about the top 6 web design trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. These trends will change the way we interact with the internet.

Source: Gumroad



If you're looking for inspiration to hop on this trend you can have a look at the popular digital product selling platform Gumroad. Gumroad has Its website uses neo-brutalism elements such as its use of simple geometric shapes, muted colours, and large blocks of text.


Bold Typography:



In 2023, bold typography has taken the spotlight, enhancing not just the visual appeal of websites but also elevating the overall user experience. It’s becoming a prevalent technique for making a bold bold statement and capturing user attention. Playing with the typography by strategically using large headings, subheadings, creative fonts, and exaggerated font sizes makes a huge difference in your design. 


You can employ bold typography to emphasize crucial areas and call-to-action buttons, simplifying users’ page scanning and directing them to things they’re searching for. Furthermore, you can inject a touch of personality and visual allure into your website infusing the design with contrast and interest. 


Certainly, opting for typography over resource-intensive visuals speeds up your website performance which leads to user satisfaction and retention. 


To get inspiration, you can see how Netflix uses bold typography on its covers to highlight its original content. The title of each show or movie is displayed in a large, bold font, which makes it easy for users to find what they're looking for.


Video-based web design:



Video-based web design is trending because it's a powerful storytelling technique that engages users and conveys information creating an interactive user experience. Using videos as your main element, you can tell your brand story, introduce your products and services and convey your mission.  Users are more likely to connect emotionally with your business and remember your website since they’ll relate to your story. 


Additionally, your users will engage more with a video than read a block of text so it’s the best way to break the monotony of a static website. Netflix, YouTube, national geographic, and Vimeo are some popular platforms that you can take inspiration from and get insights on how video content is being used in web design. 



Learn about the top 6 web design trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. These trends will change the way we interact with the internet and users.

Source: Embedsocial


Experimental Web Design:



Experimental web design is a trend gaining massive popularity in recent years because it uses unconventional design elements and techniques. This technique is pleasantly disruptive and surprisingly excellent as it breaks through the rules of traditional web design infusing a dose of creativity and captivating visual charm. 


With this technique, you can surprise and delight your users with a memorable and engaging experience. It’s a great way of encouraging users to explore your website by providing unexpected and hidden elements. Lastly, it can help you significantly in presenting and reflecting your brand by adding relatability and appeal to the design.



Learn about the top 6 web design trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. These trends will change the way we interact with the internet and experimental web design.

Source: Project-audio



For inspiration, head over to the project turntable, which implements experimental web design and uses a 3D turntable interface. The turntable allows its users to spin, scratch, mix songs, and create playlists with other users. Similarly Pudding, a visual storytelling platform has implemented this technique in their interface which provides an immersive user experience to those users who love watching and listening to stories. 


Motion Design:



Motion design combines animation and video elements to create an interactive and engaging user experience. This technique is used to add animation to your menus, and buttons to simplify and highlight necessary actions on the website. It’s a great way to add motion and movement to your design which captivates users giving your website a living feel. Additionally, you can convey your story in an engaging manner which would be boring if you use text alone. 


Speaking about visual appeal, it adds drama and depth to the UI and the website looks polished and professional with an immersive experience. 



Learn about the top 6 web design trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. These trends will change the way we interact with the internet and motion design.

Source: Fable


Fable, a web-based motion design platform uses motion design to display its features, tutorials, and examples on the website. It can serve as the best example for those interested in learning motion design and how it can be implemented in your design. 


Asymmetrical Layouts:



Breaking away from the traditional grid-based layout and artfully arranging uneven elements across the UI asymmetrical layouts, flawlessly infuse your design with a trendy and captivating appearance. 


You need to balance the UI by using negative space and asymmetrical elements to create a visual weight. Similarly, you can use diagonal lines and unexpected elements to create a sense of movement and draw the eyes around. 


Asymmetrical layouts are a great way to add delight and surprise to your designs by experimenting with different elements since it offers flexibility and freedom in design.



Learn about the top 6 web design trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. These trends will change the way we interact with the internet and asymmetrical layouts.

Source: iCORA


iCORA, a web design agency has used a variety of asymmetric elements in their UI which creates a sense of balance and visual interest. Their homepage can be taken to draw inspiration and UI UX designers can create something of their own. 





Today, we discussed the top 6 web design trends that web designers and UX UI designers should explore that will change the way we use the internet. In this dynamic digital landscape keeping up with new trends and technologies is essential for businesses to grow. That’s why you need to ensure that your website presents your identity in a captivating and immersive way so your users can interact with your businesses. 


If you're in search of a design agency capable of turning your websites and applications from mundane to magnificent, look no further than ZeeFrames. Our adept web designers are armed with cutting-edge tools, the latest trends, and advanced technologies to metamorphose your brand into an extraordinary experience.

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