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Published on September 1, 2023

The Future of UI UX Design: Top Trends to Watch in 2023


Are you feeling bored with the usual uninspiring UI UX designs you’ve been creating? It’s time to spice things up by embracing some exciting trends to level up your UI UX design game. 


2023 marks a significant year of technological expansion, as we continue to witness the emergence of ground-breaking technologies. From advanced AI tools ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard to the advent of fresh innovative social media platforms like threads, this year exemplifies a remarkable era of technological evolution.


Take a cue from the tech world's favourites, they’re a treasure trove of ideas for UI UX designers looking to revamp their work. A quick exploration will reveal nifty features that have made these platforms a hit. 


Today we’re talking about the future of UI UX design. Let’s explore the top 10 trends to watch in 2023, paving the way for immense growth.


Top UI UX Design Trends in 2023 



Crafting digital products that resonate with your audience is easier than you think. Watch out for these UI UX trends in 2023, and add them little wonders to your designs. 


Before you know it, you'll have conjured up some design magic!


1st Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: Generative AI


Generative AI has become a massive trend since the launch of ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Ai due to its convenient conversational style. Undoubtedly, It can revolutionize UI UX design in several ways. For example, you can use it to create custom illustrations and animations, generate personalized user interfaces and automate repetitive design tasks so you can focus on more creative work. 



Source: Unsplash


Source: unsplash


To see the implementation of generative AI in UI UX design, you can explore the Uizard platform. It's a prototyping tool and uses generative AI to automatically generate UI elements like buttons, icons, and typography as per your instructions. See how quick and easy generative AI has made prototyping for you. 


Similarly, for increasing user engagement Snapchat introduced a chat feature that works on generative AI called My AI. with this feature, you can have a fun moment while chatting with the AI on your favourite topic. Notably, that’s a clever tactic UI UX designers can use to enhance their product’s user experience and engagement. 


2nd Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: Dark Mode


You must’ve noticed popular apps introducing dark mode features one after another, be it Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn. The reason for dark mode’s immense popularity in 2023  is the various benefits it offers to individuals. 





Moreover, smartphones are now designed to have built-in dark mode features to enhance user experience. Applications having dark mode features are easier on the eyes and improve battery life on mobile devices. It also appeals to individuals having disabilities or vision problems by making digital products easily accessible for them. 


3rd Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)


VUIs have also been a significant trend in UI UX design in 2023 as they let your users interact with digital devices on the go. VUIs enable your users to control devices, get information, and perform tasks hands-free offering convenience at its best. This kind of feature appeals to users who are either cooking, driving, or are unable to use their hands for any reason. 



Source: the guardian

Source: thegauardian


For example, you can use VUI in building apps that control smart home devices such as lights, locks, and thermostats. You can also implement this technology in weather forecast applications, news sharing platforms, and even set reminders and appointments with it. Amazon Alexa is one prime example of VUI which offers convenience and accessibility to users of all kinds. 


4th Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: 3D Design


3D design is one such other trend in UI UX design that you can use to create immersive and engaging experiences letting users visualize the world better. A dash of 3D elements in your designs will add texture and depth to the interface resulting in an interactive. 



Source: Ikea

Source: Ikea


Although 3D elements consume more memory than other ones, it’s still a popular trend in mobile and web applications. Moreover, with the rising popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), 3D will continue to grow. 



Source: Gameace



To take a look into how such applications work you can consider the popular platform Figma used by UI UX designers. This platform allows you to create prototypes for mobile and web applications by offering a variety of 3D features. You can create 3D models, import 3D models from other software, and animate 3D models. You can see the implementation of 3D modelling in applications like google maps (3D buildings), Ikea Place( 3D furniture rendering ), escape (architectural design), and Unity.


5th Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: Custom Digital Illustrations



As we discussed earlier, customized digital illustrations are surprisingly in demand as it adds uniqueness and engagement to your UI UX designs. If you’re looking to add personal touch and character to your designs, custom digital illustrations are your best friend. Digital illustrations are loved because of their depth and simplicity so it’s a great element to create excitement with your interfaces. 


For instance, the illustration below was used on the homepage of a travel website for creating excitement and engagement.




Source: Pinterest


6th Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: Neomorphism


Don’t be afraid of this difficult word as we are going to explain it all for you. Neomorphism is a technique that combines elements of flat designs with skeuomorphism resulting in a minimal yet creative interface. Within this approach, you avoid cluttering your interface which usually happens with skeuomorphism but make use of soft shadows and gradients creating a 3D effect. 




Source: Mac OS big sur on Dribble


Apple’s macOS Big Sur can be seen as an example of implemented neomorphic in their UI. Similarly, Microsoft’s fluent design has implemented neomorphic features in the Microsoft Edge web browser. 


7th Most Important UI UX Trend In 2023: Micro-interactions



Micro-interactions are small interactive elements that are used in UI UX design to add a tad bit of personality and delight to your products. It can be used for purposes like providing feedback, guiding users through a process, or making an interface more fun to use. 


For example, a micro-interaction could be used to add a playful animation to a button or create a game-like experience, or show users how to fill out a form or how navigate through a menu. 




Source: Dribble


You must have come across these micro-interactions while using your favourite apps like a loading icon while a task is being processed, or a progress bar while you are downloading some file. 


Micro-interactions are a great way to add delight and usability to an interface to make your users connected with the app. 


So these are the trends that UI UX designers should learn more about in 2023 if they are looking to upgrade their skills and enhance user satisfaction through building powerful and trendy applications. It not only will impact the performance and success of your products but also serve you with a competitive advantage. 

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